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Research papers on optimization for a sustainable and efficient industries toward “Total Efficiency Framework”

The MAESTRI project is producing a series of research papers, here presented to show results from our R&D activities:

Title: Toward Industry 4.0: Efficient and Sustainable Manufacturing leveraging MAESTRI Total Efficiency Framework

– Authors: Ferrera E., Rossini R., Baptista A. J., Evans S., Große Hovest G., Holgado M., Lezak E., Lourenço E.J., Masluszczak Z., Schneider A., Silva E.J., Werner-Kytölä O., Estrela M.A.

Title: Optimization for Sustainable Manufacturing: Application of Optimization Techniques to Foster Resource Efficiency

– Authors: Tisseur R., Lorenço E., Silva E.J., Baptista A.J., Peças P.,Ferrera E.

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