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Toward Industry 4.0: Efficient and Sustainable Manufacturing leveraging MAESTRI Total Efficiency Framework

Authors: Ferrera E., Rossini R., Baptista A. J., Evans S., Große Hovest G., Holgado M., Lezak E., Lourenço E.J., Masluszczak Z., Schneider A., Silva E.J., Werner-Kytölä O., Estrela M.A.
Abstract. This paper presents an overview of the work under development within MAESTRI EU-funded collaborative project.
The MAESTRI Total Efficiency Framework (MTEF) aims to advance the sustainability of manufacturing and process industries by providing a management system in the form of a flexible and scalable platform and methodology.
The MTEF is based on four pillars:
a) an effective management system targeted at process continuous improvement;
b) Efficiency assessment tools to support improvements, optimisation strategies and decision support;
c) Industrial Symbiosis paradigm to gain value from waste and energy exchange;
d) an Internet-of-Things infrastructure to support easy integration and data exchange among shop-floor, business systems and tools.
Keywords: efficiency assessment; eco-efficiency; industrial symbiosis; lean management; internet of things; sustainable manufacturing, process industries, industry 4.0, MAESTRI, H2020 SPIRE
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