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2 new research papers related to MAESTRI activities

Two papers related to MAESTRI activities are going to be presented in April during international conferences.

The two papers are the following:

- Authors: Ferrera E., Rossini R., Baptista A. J., Evans S., Große Hovest G., Holgado M., Lezak E., Lourenço E.J., Masluszczak Z., Schneider A., Silva E.J., Werner-Kytölä O., Estrela M.A.
- Title: "Toward Industry 4.0: Efficient and Sustainable Manufacturing leveraging MAESTRI Total Efficiency Framework"
- Conference: 4th International Conference on Sustainable Design and Manufacturing, KES-SDM
- Date: 2017, 26-28 April 2017
- Place: Bologna, Italy

- Authors: Tisseur R., Lorenço E., Silva E. J., Baptista A. J., Peças P., Ferrera E.
- Title: "Optimization for Sustainable Manufacturing: Application of Optimization Techniques to Foster Resource Efficiency"
- Conference: 2nd International Conference on Internet of Things, Big Data and Security, IoTBDS
- Date: 2017, 24-26 April 2017
- Place: Porto, Portugal

Interest around our Project is rapidly growing, as results of the testing phase are giving good feedback also in terms of replicability to other enterprises.

MAESTRI kindly invite everyone to participate in these interesting conferences, aimed to foster efficiency and optimization for sustainable manufacturing among entrepreneurs, researchers, and experts.

We will publish further information and abstracts on the website.
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